Event (1) 9th conference of AFSMI 19-21 april 2007 Zurich (ch)

Het dienstendenken is volop in ontwikkeling. Elk jaar zijn er een aantal events, die je eigelijk niet mag missen! Graag reik ik de internationale conferentie van AFSMI aan.

Welcome to 9th conference of AFSMI

Dear Services Leader

Be welcome and invited by the AFSMI-Chapter Switzerland as host of the 9th conference. We will set milestones for AFSMI in Europe, the service industry and our Chapter.This event will exceed your expectations and bring your near to what’s going on and has to be known about services. AFSMI is the leading association for owners, executives and professionals, and proud to have many thousand members all over the world.

Don’t miss the chance to turn profit now from our offering to attend on this outstanding event in 2007. With a half price for super-early-birds, you can enjoy a two-by-one registering for your company or invite a key customer to accompany you. A good reason to already sign your tickets.

We are happy to have you as our guests and see you soon in Zurich!

Ulrich Schilling

Managing Director SLC07
AFSMI Chapter Switzerland

De conferentie is in ontwikkeling, het programma zal spoedig concreet worden.

Bezoek de site eens, om te kijken welke thema’s op het gebied van service-innovatie jou aanspreken.
En natuurlijk houd ik je op de hoogte via de blog.



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