Service Design Event met o.a Motorola, Yahoo, FEDEX.

Do not let your competitors be faster at improving their service offerings and launching new markets.

Australie is misschien ver weg, maar zo in deze vakantieperiode kan het ook weer dichtbij zijn. Een goede reden om er eens tussen uit te gaan :).
Deze uitnodiging voor het “Service innovation design” event laat zien dat in de gehele wereld, nu dus ook in Australie “Service Design” op de agenda komt te staan.
Vraag de pdf op van het programma en lees hoe bedrijven zoals Motorola hun voordeel behalen uit diensteninnovatie.


Service Innovation Design and Development

Today consumer needs and demands change from one day to the next and customers
are increasingly critical and value-conscious of service offerings. To stay competitive
you need to drastically rethink the commercialisation of innovations. Hear actionable
techniques on how to increase your innovation capabilities to improve product
offerings, overcome the challenge of risk and accelerate speed to market. You will
benefit from increased visibility from tested NPD process and management tools
and turning ideas into profitable products.
IQPC is proud to present Australia’s first ever Service Innovation Design and
Development Conference, an outstanding two day event, bursting with fresh ideas, new
insights, and innovative case studies revealing how you can retain your market positions
and your customers by examining how an innovative service design strategy can
support this.

Service businesses now make up about 70% of the aggregate production and employment……, yet true innovation is rare in the service sector. Many companies incrementally improve their offerings, but few succeed in creating service innovations that launch new markets or reshape existing ones

Leonard L. Berry, Venkatesh Shankar, Janet Turner Parish, Susan Cadwallader and Thomas Dotzel, Creating New Markets Through Service Innovation
Service design in Australië

“This conference has the makings of a spectacular Innovation and Product marketing conference. It has a top line up of speakers and is a one stop shop for Service Innovation Design and Development. You won’t want to miss this professional development opportunity.”
Donald Comer, Director of New Product Development FEDEX (USA)

Today consumer demands change from one day to the next and customers are increasingly critical and value conscious of service offerings. To stay competitive you need to drastically rethink the commercialisation of innovations and new products.

Attend this conference and learn how to:

* Increase and retain your organisation’s shelf space and marketshare
* Find and implement sustainable processes for New Product Development
* Improve the execution of your brand and marketing campaigns for new service design
* Strengthen your relationship with all stakeholders to optimise new product launch efficiency
* Maximise market reach through optimum distribution channels

Who will you meet and who should attend?

This unique conference has been meticulously researched and developed for Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Heads, General Managers, Managers and Officers in all Service industries, with the titles of:

* Innovation
* Service Strategy
* Strategic Development
* (New) Product Development
* Marketing
* Products and Technology
* Brand
* Business Development
* Customer Contact, CRM
* Acquisition and Product Development
* Portfolio/Platform Management
* Client Services and Administration
* Contact Centre

Conference Highlights

Do not miss our International Best Practices:


* Learn how to increase your organisation’s risk mitigation to increase your service innovation
* Adapt an increased market facing approach to fuel a successful product launch


* Gain insights into increasing product sales by driving brand
* Increase your speed to market by 20%
* Leverage innovation through aligning technology

en nog veel meer bedrijven.

Tot in Sydney.



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