The service of Art

Art as an essential of services offered by hospitals

Alice Finbow is a fine-art film maker that worked on a project for the UCH-Hospital in London to inspire and lift patients’ spirits attempting to make the hospital more welcoming for patients. The work was intended to reflect the needs of the patients and take into consideration the working environment of the hospital. Alice brought this into practice by producing the works ‘Double Dutch’ and ‘Hula Hooping’.

Working with people for people

I wanted to make a community based film that would feature the public and the area surrounding the hospital, making the audience connect with the location and empathies with the performers.

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For the article take a look at the PDF: Fine art service
For a compilation of the films: Hula Hoop and Double Dutch Compilation

For Alice her website:

Hula Hoop 2
Double Dutch 3

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Als medeoprichter van 31Volts houdt Marc zich bezig met het verleggen van grenzen binnen service innovatie. Marc helpt organisaties om waarde te creëren voor hun klanten door middel van design.

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