31Volts at the Health 2.0 NL Unconference in Amsterdam

Last Saturday Marc and I visited the first Health 2.0 NL Unconference. The conference is an initiative of Jen McCabe Gorman and Maarten den Braber in cooperation with Martijn Hulst.

What is Health 2.0 about?
In this new 2.0 age and time, innovation in healthcare is inevitable. But what does 2.0 mean for healthcare?
The definition of web 2.0 on wikipedia is that it’s a trend where technology and the web aim to facilitate creativity. Particularly the role of sharing, collaboration, and the role users play in this world are very exiting.

Health 2.0

The questions that raise are: How does this influence healthcare? What does this mean for our future healthcare? And how can we implement the knowledge from web 2.0 implement in health 2.0. Or?…

This first dutch Health 2.0 Unconference is the first step. And a very important one.

The program of the day existed of presentations of different, mainly webbased, solutions to provide better service to patients. You can find them on the Health 2.0 NL Unconference website. But one that made me smile, or better, made me proud was SugarStats.
“SugarStats makes it simple to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online.”
Not only is this a tool to help you track your own blood sugar levels. The site also provides a platform where you can share your stats and collaborate with others.

The cool thing was the fact that the patient, or better, the user is in the center of all the initiatives.

31Volts was invites by Jen to talk about ways to learn more about users, about people. We presented some stories based on our projects. It was very nice to be part of a crowd of health professionals and talk about what we find important; learning about people and what they find important.
People may not always be able to tell you properly in words what the thinks is the best. But they sure can show you. Especially in the health sector I think that the patient (don’t like this word very much) is the expert about his body, about their life. There is a lot to learn from them!

A big thanks you to everyone who participated!

For the next Health 2.0 NL Unconference 31Volts offers her HQ as a un-location!



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  • Comment by Maarten den Braber

    Marcel, thanks for writing! Good to meet you at the unconference and awesome that you offer us the 31v HQ as the next location! See you soon!

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