SDN Conference day 1 – Connect

On November 24, 2008 the first Service Design Conference in Amsterdam, organized by the Service Design Network (SDN) started of with the Connect day.

We were guests at BNO (Association of Dutch Designers / Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers) who offered us the use of all three of their conference spaces. A big Thank you for Patrick, Femke and Dymphy @BNO! The new BNO office offered us with a very rustic nice view on the Amsterdam harbour area.

This first day was titled Connect and reserved for SDN full members only. The programme started of with a great brunch provided by Zingfood.

Around 12:30 one of the founding members of the network, Birgit Mager, welcomed everybody and introduced the program and goals of the day. The first part of the program was a series Pecha Kucha presentations. Each network member entered the podium to talk about their studio, practices, experiences or other Service Design related issues. Marc started of with a energetic presentation of our Service Design studio 31Volts.

Due to the fast growth of the network in the last couple of months we had to maintain our concentration for a total of 29 Pecha Kucha presentations. This was sometimes easy, and sometimes a bit of a struggle. The members were presented with a wide range of perspectives on their backgrounds and projects.
I was surprised by all the universities researching Service Design. Especially in Scandinavia.

After a short break we rebuild the conference spaces from a theater into a more active setting. We divided all participants into five groups. Workshop time! This part of the program was prepared and led by Stefan Holmlid from Linköpings universitet. Each group was given
a theme related to ‘The future role of the SDN’.

At the end of the workshop each group presented the result of their ‘brain-writing’ session. It was very nice to see how some people have a gift in presenting ideas very lively. (Paul from Thinkpublic is such a person!)

At the end of the day some people left for their hotel. Others stayed for beer and a chat. Later that night we gathered at restaurant Pont13. This restaurant is an old rebuild ferry. It was my first visit but definitely not my last! I enjoyed talking to Robert Lenne from IDEO and Oliver -marathon- King from Engine. Thanks guys!



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