10 reasons to servitize your products

Aidan has compiled an interesting list of 10 reason why product manufacturers should offer services. I’d say about 1/4 of our clients are true product manufacturers. I’d say that’s because there are just much more service oriented business in our economy. Nevertheless we experience that a lot of service providers talk in products, as if they are making and selling boxes of the shelf. We often start with helping them to think in services before we start something new at all. This list is helpful for explaining the benefit of service thinking.

  • Services can provide an alternative revenue stream for your business.
  • By delivering services you are brought closer to your customers and you move from a transactional relationship to a long term ongoing relationship with your customer.
  • By working more closely with your customers you can more easily identify their unmet needs and this allows you to develop new or expanded service and product offerings.

Check the Servitize blog for the whole list.

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Als medeoprichter van 31Volts houdt Marc zich bezig met het verleggen van grenzen binnen service innovatie. Marc helpt organisaties om waarde te creëren voor hun klanten door middel van design.

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