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Another short blog about tools we use.
Photo-prototyping can be a quick and effective way to visualize a concept!
Pictures enable discussions about something more tangible than an idea in your head or sketched on a napkin.

As a part of a new service; an iPhone app sketched & prototyped. (Starring Anne Marleens finger)
Example 1: possible flow diagram

‘Stairs-help” prototyped (Starring Annemiek, Olympic rower & still perfectly capable of handling stairs on her own btw.)
DSC01596 DSC01594 DSC01595 DSC01591
Example 2: Another storyboard example showing different stages

Railway platform games (including Olympic Winter Games)
Example 3: Sketches can be added easily

Photo prototyping works:

  1. if you keep it quick & dirty
  2. if you print them directly
  3. if you put people on it; human scale
  4. as an effective discussion tool
  5. if you take more pictures to make a storyboard
  6. because sketches can be added in a context

Take care:

  1. make sure to keep it conceptual; (not too definitive already to prevent constricting more creative thinking or promising too much)
  2. always have a camera, plug & printer with you ;-)


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