My most recent shopping experience at Run2Day Utrecht (updated)

This little article deals with my personal service experience. I’ve especially added a new category; Klein Leed. (Small Suffering)

For the second time I’ve been send out of the door without been helped at all. This time I came in with my broken Nike Sunglasses. Relatively expensive ones. I wished to have them repaired. No more no less.

Who else to turn to than the shop yuo bought your product? In this case Run2Day, Utrecht.

Although I do now understand that they (Run2Day) don’t do Nike Sunglasses any more, I’m not one bit closer to having them fixed. I got no Nike contact info what so ever. (Althought the shop assistant did step towards the internet browser…) I wouldn’t mind talking to Nike directly or ever bringing them in at Nike European HQ. But for that I do need a phone number, at least.

The previous disappointing shop experience at Run2Day was; “Sorry, the only thing I can offer you is that you buy a new one.” Excuse me? This time the answer was: “Sorry, I can’t help you.” Silence. “Bye!”.

So starting today Run2Day has one client less… CRM-1

Update: After an email to R2D HQ, I was called within the hour and promised to help sorting this out. That again was a very nice and unexpected surprise. One could say that the customer journey at R2D consists of both poor and very good experiences. For now, I’ll focus on the good ones. Thanks very much Klaas.

p.s. Good thing this article deals with Klein Leed…



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  • Comment by Karlijn

    Yep know the problem with Run2Day.
    Wanted to buy a shirt for my hubby. But it was not in the shelves in his size. So I asked the girl. Not in shelf is not in shop was the answere. But some new stock came in.
    So I asked, could you have a look if the size is in one of those boxes? Nope, too much of a hassel. So I said, I’ll come back at the end of the day. Give you some time to sort out the mess in the boxes and find the right size.
    End of the day: no shirt. She didn’t look in the boxes. So I asked, give me a call when you find the size. Next day: no call. So the day after the next day I gave them a call. Yes we have the shirt but had no time to call you.
    I told her that I am a customer and want to spend my money at run2Day, why she refused to sell me anything. She didin’t got the message.
    An angry e-mail to the HQ did wonders, got a call of Run2Day within 2 hours end received a 25 euro’s coupon.

    Too bad the service is still crap. Sent a mail to HQ, they can at least appologise and let the salesperson in the Utrecht shop know that a customer needs to be served.

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