Event: Design for Conversion

Initiator Arjan Haring invited me to be team captain during Design for Conversion, 11th of December in Amsterdam.
That day, together with my team we are going to solve a challenging case from the main sponsors! We will be inspired by 4 key-note speakers on several topics and integrate their knowledge in our creative process.

Design for Conversion is a highly interactive conference aiming to collectively (as one big family) deepen our knowledge of Persuasive Technology, Experience Design and Evidence Based Marketing, and how these disciplines can learn from each other. With heavy doses of design thinking, cognitive psychology and statistical knowledge we are very serious in taking up a worldwide conversion challenge.”

What is it about?
As Arjan first time explained Design for Conversion to me: “I’m wearing a Kuyichi jeans. I became an ambassador; not only for this nice pair of jeans, not only for the brand, but even for their philosophy…!”
This year will be the ‘Mobile Edition’ and a (slideshare) framework of the organizers’ view on design for conversion can be seen below:

Although obviously my share will be in the field of service design, I think it will become very interesting when Persuasive Technology, Experience Design and Evidence Based Marketing all come together…
And together with experienced and new participants, 20 team captains, good food and music, it will be a great day!

Because the organizers want to preserve the interactive nature of this event, there are only 150 seats (!). For a happy fast few registration is still possible, for 229 euros you’re in. English is the leading language, and the next session will be in New York…

I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting, creative and inspiring an energetic day, and I’m looking forward to it!



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