New bachelor: '[open] Innovator'

End of April I was invited to a creation session about a new Bachelor’s degree at Haagse Hogeschool, a morning well-organized by SunIdee, and help to create of the study : ‘[Open] Innovator’.

The start of the curriculum was already made in some other meetings and sessions and reminded me a bit of a school for other innovation pioneers: Kaospilots (now known as Knowmads).
With about 10 professionals and students we started to make the basic structure for ‘module 3’, taking in account the following three lines: prototyping, creativity and design (project). 31Volts was happy to be invited; it’s really a good thing that service design is being taken into account in innovation and design education more and more.

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workshop impressions

Workshop ‘from the other side’
We are facilitating a lot of sessions, so it was a pleasure to be able to join one and be ‘on the other side’! I just loved to be allowed to throw out ideas, reflect, talk with the other participants and losing track of time.
(In our sessions we are always happy to motivate and actually see people’s creativity, new ideas and new contacts. My personal trap is that I would love to join myself in the conversations and the creative process and getting to know people. To a certain point this works well, but as a facilitator you have to take a step back and stand above the process and protect the group-dynamics.)

Divided in three sub-groups we came up with somehow almost perfectly fitting and complementing projects, workshops, theory lessons, self-development and more. The core team was surprised and happy, and ready to start elaborating the program. My last advice would be to keep some space and flexibility for the student to fill in their own curriculum.
I’m curious about the first year: new (to-be) students, teachers and staff keep us updated please!



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