The Service Blueprints Overview

For some time now I’ve been collecting interesting service design visualizations. But having them stack up on my desktop just doesn’t add a lot of value. As I’ve noticed that this blog attracts a lot of people with an 3 year old article on service blueprints I decided that would be the best category to start with. So I’ve compile an overview of the service blueprints I’ve stumbled upon so far.

The [service] blueprint is an operational tool that describes the nature and the characteristics of the service interaction in enough detail to verify, implement and maintain it. —

I’m sure you all have other examples of service blueprints laying around. Feel free to share them and make the overview more complete. Drop a line in the comments or email (

I’m not taking credit for the creation any of the blueprints, I’m just the messenger in this case.

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Als medeoprichter van 31Volts houdt Marc zich bezig met het verleggen van grenzen binnen service innovatie. Marc helpt organisaties om waarde te creëren voor hun klanten door middel van design.

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  • Comment by Jess McMullin

    Hi Marc,

    Nice collection, thanks for pulling it together. Here’s the sources for your unknowns – maybe you can update the deck?


    Source for slide 6, in hospital patient transport, is from Benjamin Voss and one of his student projects at CMU

    Source for Slide 9, the Heart Monitor, is from UK Cabinet Office resources on customer journey mapping
    Those resources were commissioned from Oxford Strategic Marketing

    Source from Slide 11, hotel stay, is from Mary Jo Bitner’s canonical paper on service blueprinting: Service Blueprinting: A Practical Technique for Service Innovation (and you really should read this if you’re tackling a blueprint)

    Slide 4 is taken from the Service Design Wiki and is from some of Bitner’s later work

  • Comment by Marc Fonteijn

    Thanks Jess, really appreciated! I’ve update the deck right away.

  • Comment by Andy Polaine

    Hi Marc – You might know, I think, that we’re doing a whole research project on service blueprinting at the Hochschule Luzern to try and come up with a visual language and approach that might form a set of conventions so that service blueprints really are blueprints in the original sense of the term. More on this here, but I can send you some examples:

  • Comment by James Kalbach

    I just pulled together a collection of resources on customer journey maps where you might be able to find some other examples:

  • Comment by Marc Fonteijn

    @andy I’ve seen the presentation although it didn’t cross my mind when I was writing this post. Great work! Could you share your research roadmap?

    @james great collection! We need more of these resources in service design. Who’s going to make the persona’s overview post ;)

  • Comment by Andy Polaine

    Hi Marc – we’re at a bit of a crossroads with the roadmap, as it were. The plan is to develop a more final version of the visual ‘toolkit’ based on us trying to use it and tweaking it. So there is another round of that to be done. Then we think we need to apply for more funding to take it on a step. We really tried to keep things low tech – our view was that you should be able to do this on a big sheet of paper as much as on a computer. We have found this pretty impossible though – you can do blueprints on paper, but you also need several sheets to really track everything properly. As you will know, you end up with several walls covered with post-it notes and sheets, etc. This is all good and I’m sure the first rounds of mapping stuff out will remain this way, but we want to investigate an electronic version that might allow more flexibility possibly. I can’t say much more about this right now though.

  • Comment by Jess McMullin

    >”Who’s going to make the personas overview” take a look at
    Dey Alexander
    and also the Fluid Project

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