The Future of Conferences on Mobile Monday Amsterdam

There is no doubt about it, the playing-field of events and conference is changing. A big thing is that the “cost” of organizing an event has come down to almost zero. A tweet that you’re going to host a “tweet-up” in bar on Friday can be enough to spontaneously attract a crowd of 50. Although one tweet-up doesn’t make a full conference with a fancy location and interesting speakers the fact is that it’s easier then ever before to get people together who share the same passion.

Right after the 16th edition of Mobile Monday Amsterdam, Gianfranco Chicco who runs the Conference Basics blog asked me in front of the camera to share what I think the future of conferences looks like.

I can highly recommend the other interviews Gianfranco recorded with some of the most respected “conference” people like Bruce Sterling, Gary Vaynerchuk and Monique van Dusseldorp.

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Als medeoprichter van 31Volts houdt Marc zich bezig met het verleggen van grenzen binnen service innovatie. Marc helpt organisaties om waarde te creëren voor hun klanten door middel van design.

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