Looking back on the Design & Thinking Screening

On June 28th 31Volts organized the screening of Design & Thinking. Along with 75 other design enthousiasts we watched the kickstarter powered documentary that “explores the idea of design thinking”.

We were somewhat surprised and scared by the number of people that signed up to join the screening. Which meant that after just two days we had to throw our first plan, to host the screening at our studio, out the window. Eventually we ended up in beautiful (though a bit oversized) 1600m2 industrial warehouse.

The Zijdebalen Theather in Utrecht

About the movie

My personal take on the movie is that it’s a great addition to the expanding toolkit that designers have in order to start a conversation about what value they (can) add to businesses and society. The movie is a nice blend of the “usual suspects” (like Tim Brown and Roger Martin) and people from outside the design industry like a gourmet chef, founders of a bicycle shop and movie director. What I appreciated about the movie is that it manages to clearly tell the story about where design thinking is coming from, the undercurrents. This shouldn’t be anything new to people who are in the design industry but it’s extremely valuable for potential clients. My only critique would be that at some points you really have to struggle to keep up with the main storyline. This is because the makers chose to include many different perspectives on the topic, some which seem to be very loosely likend. It must be said that these different perspectives give the movie it’s richness but you might have to watch the movie twice to connect all the dots.

All in all I would definitely recommend this movie to designers and to (potential) clients as soon as it becomes available. It will be an 1:15h well spend.

Tell us what you think

We were in luck that the weather allowed everyone to share their thoughts in the Utrecht sun after the movie. After the movie we asked everyone to write down “what is it that you’re going to tell about the movie tomorrow” but I’m sure that after a few days new shit has come to light*. So we’re very curious to hear what your takeout was from the movie. Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Update: first impressions on video

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Als medeoprichter van 31Volts houdt Marc zich bezig met het verleggen van grenzen binnen service innovatie. Marc helpt organisaties om waarde te creëren voor hun klanten door middel van design.

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