Design your new service value proposition!

A vision of the future helps you to design a ‘future proof’ service value proposition

How should firms innovate and design services so that they offer superior value to customers?

“In a changing market entrepreneurial spirit and behaviour is very important together with a flexible and actual vision of the future needs of customers.”

I am not surprised that most organizations do not take the time to formulate a vision and strategy on service development. I experience that managers don’t have the mindset to create scenario’s of the future, to translate a vision of the future.

Design Your new service value proposition
Several organizations invest with 31Volts in workshops how to create a vision of the future and how to design a value proposition for the customer of tomorrow.

-What do costumers want to see in next generation products and services? -How can you identify new business model? -Are there clear scenario’s about the needs of customers and what kind of services they really need?

    Customer ‘says’: Help me manage my life

  • Provide me with complete
  • Help me make the right
  • Give me value for my time
    and attention
  • Make things more
    convenient for me
  • Maximise my productivity
    and intangible assets
    • In the workshop we use design techniques in a setting of co-creation?

      The real question, I think:”Is your organization really interested in the world of the customer (customer centricity) and will it accept the consequences, new ways of working, new ways of co-creation with the customer, to find new relevant customer insights and new value propositions”.

      proposition, bron:flickr

      Nobody likes poor service and if you’ve experienced it, you’re very unlikely to return with further business.
      Products and services proliferate and the volume and depth of information
      content grows, consumer overload can result in stress, frustration and suboptimal
      decisions. This is supported by recent studies that have identified high
      levels of consumer dissatisfaction and unhappiness with existing products and
      services, notwithstanding the proliferation of choice and personalisation

      We see that organizations don’t have the tools for new service development.
      Do you understand the complex world of your customer and are you willing to invest in scenario’s about the future needs of customers and what kind of services they really need.

      It all starts with relevant customer insights to build new service value propositions. Welcome in the world of Service Design.



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