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One of the most striking things about service design as a field is how diverse it’s applications and it’s impact can be. Makes you wonder what you have to teach anyone who want to get into the field. Should we only be teaching designers about services or businessmen about design? How does it have to be taught anyway? Is a service just another type of brief for a designer? Isn’t design such an alien thing to a businessman? Hard questions the world of service design will have to answer in the future if it wants to move beyond conferences where the same names are mentioned over and over again. It’s great that there are pioneers in the field, but where will the new blood come from?

Here are a few suggestions:

In the next few years, growing this academic community will be key in answering key questions like “what is service design?” because defining a curriculum will enable professionals and students to establish a “territory” for this field (something the interaction design community was always terrible at doing) and give credibility to the methods that service design promotes in order to adress some key global issues such as sustainability.

Note: We thank Alexandra for this second-guest blogpost, hopefully more will follow! Be sure to check out Alex’s blog and read about all the interessting things she does!

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

Marc is co-founder of 31Volts and helps major private and public organizations to grow by designing services that cultivate a sustainable relationship with customers.

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