Service Design introduced as focus area at HU University

Monday 21/9 we attended the kick-off of ‘Project Creative Xcellerator‘ organised by HU and HKU, two Utrecht universities of applied science, and Task Force Innovatie Utrecht.

The program in Seats2Meet started with some introductions and lectures. After the lectures the people in the audience could choose one out of 3 parallel sessions. 31Volts helped out our friend Remko van der Lugt, Lector at HU, to organise his creative pressure cooker.
Goal of our 1.5 hour session was to introduce the HU’s 3 focus areas and come up with ideas to accelerate Creative City Utrecht (by means of these 3 areas). Service Design is one of the 3 focus areas at this school, next to Cross-media and E-business.

Speedstorm results

About 40 people attended the session and took in the 5 minutes introduction on each subject. After each subject’s introduction, students, profs, business and municipality people were matched in duos to start another round of speedstorming on ideas for Creative Utrecht.
For ‘random’ matching we were inspired by a Kaospilots method; “Go find somebody with the same colour of….” (shirt, hair, eyes, …) which worked surprisingly well in combination with the speedstorming.
To bring the ideas a step further we introduced our 8 personas representing creative industry Utrecht, designed in an earlier 31V research project. Within the 1.5 hour and to great surprise of all the participants, we closed the session with their own 9 convincing elevator pitches (from persona’s perspective) on Creative Utrecht.

In the end 5 minutes presentation in a tight schedule and overloaded, interactive program is not much to fully communicate service design and 8 personas, however, just enough to attract people’s attention… So the drinks afterward were a good opportunity to get involved with people from our session and talk some more about service design and our projects. Not much more of our colleagues or other already successful creatives were present; work has to be done in stead of talking about it.
For 31V the goal of the afternoon was not exactly clear, but it’s a good thing helping out a friend, city Utrecht taking creative industries seriously and Service Design being communicated as one of the 3 focus areas in education!



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