Learning Landscapes

45 students of HU, University of Utrecht, worked on ‘Learning Landscapes’ for the faculty ‘Economie en Management’ (FEM).

Service design workshop
Together with Fred Montijn and Remko van der Lugt from HU, we organized a 4 day service design workshop, for 25 students of this faculty FEM and 20 of Product Design and Engineering.

* New *.
I think we already described enough workshops on this blog so I won’t go into much detail about the program. What was new for us: next to several service design assignments and tools for the students, we prepared grids; for every step and deliverable. These filled in grids enabled us to present in an ordered way the rough materials to our client.
In the one special version of the report we put all the students’ materials, thoughts, notes and conclusions in between the processed report chapters.

Some photos of the one special version report
Picture 5 Picture 7

Picture 8 Picture 10

Picture 11 Picture 13
report Leaning Landscapes

I think this way of presenting service design results adds special value to the end result. Next to our conclusions and recommendations the report showed the students’ effort, process and learnings, together with their rich insights preceding their newly designed concepts. Since our client Eva could only be present during some plenary meetings, this elaborate report can help her and other readers to immerse into the materials and forming their vision.
The preparation took Fred some more time, but spared us time putting the report together.
Next tho the ‘special report’ there’s a summary PDF, containing only the chapters and some pictures of the rough materials.



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