Pioneering in the Service Design Studio

What opportunities will we discover when we give airport passengers the space and time to design the future of travel together?


Future topics

To make passengers feel welcome and at home, KLM is constantly working to improve its services. A part of this process is to discover topics that might be important in the future for both KLM and its passengers.

A cultural change

The Service Design Studio is part of KLM’s vision of uniting employees and passengers. By creating a better understanding of what passengers value as a human, you are able to be of good service to your customer.

Open innovation with passengers right on the spot where over 40.000 people pass daily.

Approach - KLM Service Design Studio

A creative hub at the heart of Schiphol

The center of the Service Design Studio was formed by a creative space in the midst of Schiphol airport. In this creative space, passengers could hop on and off on the go. It was designed by 31Volts to allow for every person on the airport to contribute to a topic.

Team of Service Designers

A design team was present in the Service Design Studio for 7 days a week. The team conducted qualitative research on the airport and facilitated co-creation sessions that were held with passengers on the different topics.

A wealth of new insights, valuable clues and exciting opportunities.

Results - KLM Service Design Studio

50 opportunities for KLM

The Service Design Studio has resulted in 50 exciting opportunities for KLM to make its passengers feel even more at home. The power of these opportunities is that they are grounded in the experience of both the passengers and the employees.

Lasting impression with passengers

The passengers who participated in the activities of the Service Design Studio usually left the studio with more energy than they had when coming in. The fact that such a large organization as KLM would take the time to genuinely listen and have a conversation has left an lasting impression with many passengers.

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