Service Strategy for an ambitious publisher

How can an educational publisher support teachers on a daily basis to prepare and inspire future generations?


Shifting educational paradigms

The times are changing, this is also the case for education. Especially the Dutch Law of ‘free school books and the digitalization of educational material’ has had big and rapid impact. The life cycle of a book is no longer based on wear and tear. This has a lot of effect on the products and services of publishers.

Cope with change

Publishing house Malmberg is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the field of educational tools. With the future in mind Malberg wants to adequately adapt to the new developments. And also to create an organization that has to skills to cope with change.

Actively shaping the educational developments together with teachers

Malmberg approach

Framing trends and topics

In co-creation session we formed a better understanding of the trends and topics that have an important influence on the future of learning and educating. Service landshapes were used to visualize the possible influence of these trends and topic on teachers and on Malmberg.

Workshops with teachers

Teachers as well as school managers were intensively involved during this project. These teachers and school managers cooperated with Malmberg through various workshops to develop new concepts from the end-user perspective.

An important step in the transition from static books to dynamic products.

Malmberg results

Foundation for new services

The findings of this project were captured in service landscapes, design guidelines and a strategic plan. These documents together form the foundation for the development of new services that will help Malmberg realize its ambition.

Customers turn into partners for innovation

Through this project Malmberg has been extensively introduced to different design-driven innovation tools. These tools allow Malmberg to continue cooperating with their customers on future innovations.

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