Meaningful services for young parents

Which strategy will helps us to develop meaningful services for young parents and bring these services successfully to the market?


From product to service

Which services can help young parents to enjoy their kids as much as possible? And how do you create a service in an environment to is solely focussed on product development? This was the challenge of Dorel, known for their leading brands Maxi Cosi, Quinny and Bébé Comfort.

Developing meaningful service in a product-oriented environment. Where to start?

Approach - Dorel

Diary study with parents

Using a diary study we involve parents from the very start of this project. This helped us to develop a clear understanding of the challenges that parents face as well as the moments that parents value the most during a day. The diaries also served as an accessible conversation starter about personal topics.

Interviews with employees

To get an internal perspective on successful services we interviewed Dorel employees. These interviews were compiled into a short documentary that reflects the views from all different layers in the organization. In a co-creation workshop the internal perspective were combined with the input we got from the parents about valuable services.

A focused strategy that accelerates the of the development of new services.

Results - Dorel

New market opportunities

The insights of the project were translated to new market opportunities. Reflecting the ambition of Dorel to develop services that go hand in hand with the needs of the young parents.

Strategy for services

The project resulted in a focussed strategy and a tangible step-by-step action plan. This will help Dorel in the coming years to grow from leading product company to a provider of valuable services for young parents.

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