Kids on a Healthy Weight

How do we design a governmental policy, together with end-users, that encourages kids to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Gemeente Utrecht

Societal challenge

This project was initiated by 31Volts and conducted in cooperation with the Utrecht health services. 31Volts teamed up with kids from three local schools in Utrecht to develop a governmental policy that aims encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Using Utrecht’s creativity

One of the main goals within the project was to use the creativity of the city and apply it to an important social issue.

The contents of a school bag carries the information on what is important and what motivates them.

Approach - Municipal Health Services

Co-design with the end-users

Conversations with the kids from three different schools in Utrecht helped to create a better understand their world and surrounding. We learned what triggers them; who influences them and what do they value? These insights served as the starting points for policy makers.

Video interviews & backpack studies

The project also included video-interviews, backpack studies and a co-design session with professionals. In this session the issue of ‘a healthy lifestyle’ was addressed. 31Volts developed different games for the session that helped to interactively design new concepts for the issue.

The project formed a stepping stone for a national initiative focussing on a healthy youth.

Results - Municipal Health Services

Dialogue with kids

This project has brought policymakers, professionals and kids together. And enabled these groups to have a fruitful dialogue.

National initiative

The final deliverable of this project was a set of guiding principles that policy makers should follow when developing new initiatives for this target group. The project also formed a stepping stone for a national initiative focussing on a healthy youth.

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