Incompany Service Innovation

What can we do to better align our internal services and increase the overall employee satisfaction?

Municipality of Utrecht

Internal services

Learning about Service Design in a multidisciplinary team and, at the same time, improving our own internal services. This was the ambition that formed the start of the cooperation between 31Volts and the Municipality of Utrecht.

Customers in the spotlight

The employees of different departments worked on the challenge of improving the internal services with great dedication. The project resulted in new service scenarios which have the employees of the Municipality at their heart.

The best way of learning Service Design? Do it yourself!

Approach - Municipality of Utrecht

Learning by doing

That is what this project was all about. This meant: going outside, talking to internal customers to understand their needs and directly testing out new ideas. In this way the project team applied the design approach and developed new customer-oriented services. The project team was introduced to Service Design tools like personas, customer journey maps and service prototyping.

Prototyping in practice

The project team was challenged to go out and make a prototype of the envisioned improvements, without any budget, in a very short time. By actually making the prototypes, the team could learn and see in practice what parts of their idea worked and what needed more attention.

The project team used a structured design process to translate customer insights into new services.

Results - Municipality of Utrecht

Service Scenarios

The proposed service improvements were visualized on large service scenarios posters. These service scenarios describe what you need to do in order to build the internal services around the needs of the customers.

Convincing team documentary

Each step of this project has been captured on video and was turned into an inspiring mini-documentary. The mini-documentary tells what was accomplished by the project team and serves as a communication tool to spread the word within the organization. Some service design methods are already been applied in other running project.

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