Designing the Service Desk of the future

What can we do as a leading insurance company to improve the service quality of our Service Desk?

Nationale Nederlanden

An increase of tasks

The main Service Desk of the leading Dutch insurance company Nationale Nederlanden will be given more tasks and responsibilities after separating from the ING bank.

A suiting Service Desk

In order to keep on track with the needs of the Service Desk customers, the Nationale Nederlanden asked us to help and shape ‘the Service Desk of the Future’. In a way that employees of the Service Desk would not only feel and experience the meaning of a good service, but would also be able to deliver it to their customers.

A ‘better’ service, what does this imply?

Approach - Nationale Nederlanden

Defining better service

A ‘better’ service, what does this mean? The employees of the Service Desk worked on this question throughout several workshop. The employees explored this question on the go with a custom made ‘research-toolkit’ to frame the diversity of customers of the Service Desk.

Personas and Customer Journeys

Different types of customers were described by creating personas and customer journey maps. These personas and customer journey maps were translated into ready to use tools that are applicable in the daily business of the Service Desk employees.

The value of this project lies in the clear and practical results that were achieved.

Results - Nationale Nederlanden

Actionable step-by-step plan

The value of this project lies in the concrete and practical results that were achieved for the Service Desk. An example is the ‘Innovation Matrix’ which forms a step-by-step plan that shows how the ambition of the Service Desk can be translated into practical activities.

In line with customer needs

This project also contributed to a better understanding for the Service Desk employees on who their customers actually are. This insight helps the Service Desk employees to better respond to all kinds of questions of the customers.

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