Innovating for the future of mobility

Which services could be developed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to make a better and smarter use of our roads?


Service from A to B

Rijkswaterstaat is on a mission to innovate. On the one hand they are engineers that invent silent and safe highways but they are also service providers. A service provider that helps people to travel from A to B in an efficient and pleasant way.

The road users of the future

31Volts conducted a service design project in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat to design services of the road user of the future.

How do you get from reliable roads to valuable services?

Approach - Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Bring focus

The first challenge in this project was to frame the right target group for which services should be developed. Based on the different uses of the roads, different target groups were identified, each with their own typical characteristics.

A game to create

Co-design sessions were held with road users from the different target groups. In these co-design session, the participants played a game that formed a step-by-step guide towards the creation of a new services. The starting point of each game were societal trends which will influence our use of the roads in the future.

The service scenarios help to set course and steer in the right direction.

Results - Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Service Scenarios with potential

The result of this project are five promising service scenarios. The scenarios describe and visualize a future service and provide a step-by-step plan to test the specific service in reality.

Involving road users for innovation

The project helped Rijkswaterstaat to translate abstract societal trends into tangible services that will help the road user of tomorrow. Next to the service scenarios the project also demonstrated how you, as Rijkswaterstaat, can involve road user in future innovation tracks.

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