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Be on the forefront of innovation

Vilans is a leading centre of expertise for long-term care in the Netherlands. For years Vilans has been on top of the latest developments in health care and influencing their direction. A recent development is the acknowledgement that good care should be more oriented around people and less around processes. Vilans wants to contribute and be a forerunner in this development.

An irresistible learning experience

Design Thinking has been identified by Vilans as something that can have a great impact on their work. The challenge was to create a training program to understand the theory and practice of Design Thinking. The program should attract employees to participate on a voluntary basis and align with everyones busy agenda.

By setting up the Community of Practice, 31Volts has helped to make Design Thinking accessible and tangible.

Approach - Vilans

A vibrant Community of Practice

Starting from the very first day the aim of the program was to let employees create their own perspective on what value Design Thinking can bring to Vilans. 31Volts setup a lively Community of Practice where everyone could share their ideas on Design Thinking and connect them to the daily business.

Bring Design Thinking to life

A major part of this project was to let the whole organization feel and experience the Design Thinking spirit. A large wall at central location in the building was adopted to explaining Design Thinking with words and images. The wall became a beacon that attracted more people day by day and helped to spread the message. The conversation continued online where short interviews with employees were posted on the intranet.

Vilans gained a better understanding of the way Design Thinking can contribute to current and future projects.

Results - Vilans

Raised internal support

Through this project a lot of Vilans employees got the opportunity to get acquainted with Design Thinking. Design Thinking has become a regular topic in at the coffee machine. The curiosity to learn more and apply the knowledge in the field has grown. The project raised internal support and created a healthy base within Vilans to take the next step.

Taking Design Thinking to the next level

The experience that Vilans gained through this project helps to take the next steps with more confidence and dedication. The projects gives Vilans a clearer picture of the investments that are most effective in order to take Design Thinking to the next level. Overall this project has been a very promising start. Now it’s time to spread the impact of Design Thinking beyond the office walls.

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