Design Research

We provide insight into the life of your customer and discover new market opportunities together.
Design Research

From insight to opportunity

The search for unmet needs, expectations and desires of people often leads to surprising and always valuable insights. This asks a new and different approach. An approach that requires to think beyond traditional client segmentations. You have get into the shoes of people and expose what really moves them. That is how you will find new opportunities.

Research in practice

We use proven methods to collect insights on the things that move people. Think of diaries, photo studies and interviews. Through interactive sessions, in which all people involved participate, we develop a clearer understanding of the needs. Based on these insights we develop characteristic personas that describe the frame of reference.

Stories that provide inspiration and focus

We capture the stories everyone involved words and images. These stories lay the ground for the development of new concepts, increase the involvement of an organization and make sure the focus is set on the things that are going to ‘make a true difference’.