Service Scenarios

We design new services that fit our ever-changing world.
Service Scenario

Designing new business

Staying relevant in the lives of people, in a world where values shift and the number of channels for interaction keeps expanding. That’s the current business challenge. Evolving customer needs, new possibilities created by technology and redefined strategic goals create space to bring new services to market.

Context and co-creation

We design services by bringing business and creativity together in our approach. New service concepts are created together with the end users. We take the whole context in which the service takes place into account. Think of trends, competition and technological developments. We bring concepts to life using sketches, storyboards, pilot plans and business models.

A blueprint for success

The new service is shaped in a plan for implementation. The plan describes the needed approach and is supported with insights on current and future customers. It is a blueprint that gives clear guidance on successfully bringing the service to the market.